New Jersey Food Journal

Fat Sandwich Week

With the introduction of the Fat Cat in 1979, the Grease Trucks at Rutgers University became both an icon and an on-campus tradition. For more than three decades, students, faculty and visitors enjoyed "fat" sandwiches. In 2013, the Grease Trucks were relocated, causing an uproar on campus.

Fat Sandwich Week explores the people, food and culture behind the Grease Trucks at Rutgers University. The series includes a Q/A with Darrell W. Butler, a Rutgers alumnus and the creator of the Fat Darrell, as well as man-on-the-street interviews. We investigate the politics behind the relocation of the Grease Trucks and discuss with a nutritionist whether there's room in a healthy diet for a Fat Sandwich.

April 30: The Original Fat Darrell: An Interview with Darrell Butler 
May 1: Rest in Peace to the Grease 
May 2: Nutrition Expert Weighs In on the Fat Darrell
May 3: In Sandwich Battle, Meal Swipes Prove Decisive
May 4: Fat Sandwiches: What People Are Saying 
May 5: For High School Senior, a Greasy Welcome
May 6: Fat Sandwiches: What People Are Saying 
May 7: The Fat Darrell, Reimagined 
May 8: #DearFatSandwich