New Jersey Food Journal

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Photo illustration by Amber Figueroa
By Jordan Pringle 

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#dearfatsandwich I don't know what I would have done without you those mornings when I had a 9:50am class at Scott Hall. You kept me awake. – Rebecca Welsh

#dearfatsandwich The grease trucks were hands down the best place to people watch  lol. – Ericka Ramsay

#dearfatsandwich There's a picture of me on the grease trucks haha. – Jennifer V.

#dearfatsandwich I never had one but I heard great things! – Sabree Waleed

#dearfatsandwich every time i go to the Rutgers New Brunswick campus, I look forward to ordering from you! see ya next time! – Judah Pringle

#dearfatsandwich I'm sooo happy you guys didn't leave permanently... I heard rumors you guys moved but didn't know where. – Aundrea Marie

#dearfatsandwich Aww man! I can taste a mojo! Aww man! Sounds like a grease truck run is in order.  – Arthur Brown

#dearfatsandwich  I could really go for a veggie koko right now, I know it's a lame sandwich as far as grease trucks go bu it's oh so good!! – John Claffey

#dearfatsandwich It's all about mozzarella sticks and French fries with marinara – Megan Baylies

#dearfatsandwich Graduated in 1994, need to go back and have a Fat Darrell! – Jimmy Page

#dearfatsandwich Fat bitch was a good sandwich – Chris Alosi

#dearfatsandwich  Fat Knight was the bomb! – Mike Drale

#dearfatsandwich  Taylor ham + scrambled eggs + cheese = a little slice of heaven – Mike Karafa

#dearfatsandwich personally R think they should go Chain!...Grease Trucks Everywhere!!!!! – Timothy Juda

#dearfatsandwich I wanna FAT CAT OR A FAT MOON!!!!!!!!! Damn I miss them Grease Trucks!! – Kelly Aberly

#dearfatsandwich sorry we never really got acquainted – Asana Akpaeti

Jordan Pringle is a senior at Rutgers majoring in journalism and media studies with a minor in psychology.